September 11, 2011

once again i'm in love

with this little man
 Muhammad Aidan Hadar. My beloved baby boy, born on 9th of June 2011, 12.50 pm. Weight 3,3 kgs and 50 cms long.
That is how he looks on the day he was born.
 This is when he was 20 days old. Oh, those eyes :)

This is Aidan 2,5 mths old.

I cannot avoid falling in love with him. Everyday is a moment waiting for new surprises, he never stop making me get ready for something unpredictable.
Last night, he slept at 7 pm. Only once short awaken, and really wake up at 7 am! I tried to sneak to the bedroom to see wether he was still asleep or not, and i couldn't not smiling when i saw him "playing" alone. He was watching arround him and smiling and moving his hands and feet ups and down.

My two darlings :)
My two sunshines

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