December 27, 2011

Aidan's First High Chair Experience

We went to Pizza Hut last Sunday.
It's getting more difficult to have mealtime toghether, i mean the three of us, since Aidan is now 6,5 mo, more aware and concious about whatever going on arround him. And eventually, more curious in everything he sees.
There's no way we can make him stay still for 5 seconds. He wants to explore every corner, every moving thing, just everything.
So, when i saw they have high chair for baby there, i was very happy. I've been waiting for weeks for the chance to sit Aidan in a high chair with the hope that he would sit there and enjoy the family lunch-out.
 I was a little bit doubt, actually. I wasn't so sure that Aidan could sit on the chair by himself. But i tried it anyway.
At first, he refused to sit. He wanted to carried arround the room. Watching many people, the ceiling fans, wall paintings and everything. Me and F took turns in doing it while the other one ate. But then, i was tired. So i tried to sit him again on the high chair. It works! Aidan sat there without being hold and ate his biscuit.
Not that still, of course. It seemed that he also interested to the chair. He tried to taste it too :D
Here's how he always moving and watching arround while sitting on the high chair.

He even tried to eat the camera :D

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