November 24, 2009

My very first self-made tote!

Belakangan, inilah yang mengisi waktu-waktu luangku:



all the favourite "war" equipments..
(oh, i ♥ that scissors sooo much!)
By the way, since i get many questions about where did i buy that multi-function plastic container.. i'll tell you, i bought it in GIANT near my home at Surabaya about 3 years ago. But you can also buy it in Carrefour.


 more details..

and more details..
 (it's fun to finally know how to make these pockets..)

my new second-hand sewing machine.. :)

my beloved self-made pincushion..
(isn't it a smart way to keep pins and needles in place but always reachable?)

 I found these lovely buttons in a sewing equipment shop near Bringharjo.
I spent many times thinking about which one is better for the thing i was working on.
Aren't they just sooo cute?

And this is what stole many of my spare times outside the office, and the result of the fun hunting arround Bringharjo..

Please, meet my very first self-made tote bag ever!!



I ♥ the color, the size, and the button accent :)
i know you ♥ it too..


Baru pertama mendesain dan menjahit tas.
A simple design, but never thought that it would be sooo complicating.
Tapi senang dengan hasilnya sebagai pemula :D

Selamat berkarya semuanya!!


Wiwin said...

Sooo cute... keren abis Pit.. btw aku udah pernah lihat aslinya atau belum ya ???

Pipit said...

hehe.. masih belajaran mba, baru pertama kali bikin tas dengan bentuk yang sangat sederhana jadi masih banyak sekali kekurangannya.
Udah pernah belum ya? Hmm.. pernah aku bawa ke ori sih mba.. tapi mungkin ngga ktemu mba Wiwin. Sekarang warna kain katunnya udah agak pudar dikit mba :D