April 5, 2010

Etsy Walking: Map

As a person who loves to travelling, i'm always apreciate and interested to maps. Not only because of the usefulness, but also the ideas that pop out of my mind when i see them.
Recently, i did an "Etsy walking" and find some cute handmade crafts using pieces of maps.

• This is map magnet. Stick it in your refridgerator or your whiteboard, sweet.

• This is Children in Paris - 4 Assorted Collage Cards. The children illustrations make the Paris city maps look very unique. From Stories Divination.

• Look! They make pins from maps, and they make it from Jakarta map!

• This one i really heart. Bird art with California map for it's body.
This is from mamapainter.

Don't forget that you could find something great too here.

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