April 20, 2010

Morning Glory

This is a beautiful view from the top of my homestay at 5.30 am one day

I really love the colors gradation that sprouts from the horizon. I rarely see this, because i live in 2nd floor, right below this top floor, and i don't always (very rare, actually) go upstairs in early morning.
But that early morning i needed to sun-dry my laundry before i go to work at 6.45. That was when i found this heavenly sky. God is a very great artist, indeed :)

And this is at 5.36 am.

How 'bout you? How's your morning?
I hope you always gratitude every morning you have :)


felicity said...

Bagus bangetttttt.....

Wah senangnya bisa melihat pemandangan ini dari jendela kamar setiap hari :D

Pemandangan pas sunset pasti nggak kalah cantiknya... :D

Pipit said...

Hehe.. iya mba, sebenernya bukan dari jendela, tapi dari lantai atas. Sunset juga lebih asik lagi karena bisa dilihat dari teras kamar :)